Tomorrow is a big day

The MRI is scheduled tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. I am so thankful that it has been scheduled quickly. I made it through work today – I wasn’t much help but I was there and doing the best I can. That is what matters. What the Lord wants me to learn from this is what matters also. I would like to ask any and all reading this if you’d say an additional thought/prayer on my behalf. My chiropractor told me this really profound thing this afternoon. She told me that when I start to struggle with my thoughts (going to the bad place I call it) – to say “Thank you God for my healing”. I would ask you all if you would please add in your life, “Thank you God for Heather’s healing.”


7 thoughts on “Tomorrow is a big day

  1. Have something you want to strive and DO and ACCOMPLISH and let it act as a magnet for you to GET TO and not allow anything to easily beset you to DO IT. That you may go forth and NONE shall stay you (dc 1.5). I have had to overcome many illnesses in my life, some life-threatening, and that was a very key point of added flourish to faith is the desire to PRESS FORWARD has a way of emitting a tonic effect like few understand or realize! Any way you can allow your reach to exceed your grasp each day is something that has away a way to strengthen and fortify. Whatever SMALL thing you can do of your own free will and choice, Russ

  2. Always knowing that Heavenly Father is holding your hand and walking beside you through this, and he will never let go of you. You are in my prayers.

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