MRI is done

Getting to the MRI was harder than actually doing it. The 2 guys were so nice and supportive to me. I even got ear plugs to help with the procedure which was a nice bonus. I was stalling a bit getting there, had to use the restroom so many times and to boot: Left my wallet at home! So, Mom had to drop me off so I could check in and she ran back home to get my wallet with my insurance card and ID. I remembered my iPod and was able to enjoy it as much as possible before hand.

I brought an eye patch thing (Mom suggested it) that helped a lot. They put some additional plastic thing over my head so in case I accidentally opened my eyes I only had the black dark sleeping patch thing and didn’t see all the other scary stuff. They gave me a sheet because it was cold and ear plugs to boot, and once it began I went to Disneyland in my mind. I walked through the ticket gate and had them scan my annual pass, and I walked all around the perimeter. I went by City Hall, down Main Street, then went toward Jungle Cruise (didn’t go on it, for those who know me … haha) but then went to Indiana Jones and enjoyed a ride there. Went on Haunted Mansion (it was already decorated Christmas with Jack for me) and then I went on Splash Mountain.

That is how I went throughout my morning during the testing… After that I went to California Adventure.

The techs said in 2 hours the images (pictures) can be seen by my doctors then several hours later the entire report can be read. My understanding is that after this Step 2 (the MRI) Step 3 is seeing the neurosurgeon (neurologist?) – not sure which.


2 thoughts on “MRI is done

  1. Hi Sweetheart. This is wonderful therapy for you. I really enjoyed what your Chiropractor had to say and of course I will be praying for you with healing. It was interesting to learn about your adrenals, I remember us talking about them.

    With what you had said about them reading the results and knowing I had heard from you at 3:30 and you have yet to hear from the doctor sounds like good news. The Lord has his plan and unfortunetly those of us who have suffered through our health…it sometimes doesn’t make sense. I’ve given up the Why question and replaced it with: Who was I in premortal to have accepted such huge challenges in my life. Somehow we are supposed to not only have a learning experience, but I believe we are here to inspire others….Heather you have inspired me! Keep the faith!

    P.S. Sometimes I do this visulization (just like you were doing in the MRI machine) I sit in a calm quiet room and do deep breathing…when I exhale I consciencely blow out the bad cells and junk in my body and breath in the healthy cells….something like that. Try it, if nothing else it is relaxing. Keep your stress level as low as possible, even if it means turning off your phone for awhile. Don’t let anybody or anything shake you up. You are a Strong Sister of Zion! Remember that my friend. I love you and will check as often as I can on the blog. (still going to the library..haha. got my computer but can’t figure out the internet at starbucks.) haha.

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