What lead me here

A few months ago I started having these “pressure headaches”. I don’t know how else to describe them. Looking back I thought they were TIA’s. I have had migraines since 1992 and the first doctor I mentioned this to (these symptoms) he said, “Oh I bet they are migraines.” And I replied, “Uh, no. I get migraines and would pay money to have migraines over this.” That shut him pretty quickly. (This was a different doctor than my current ones.)

In addition to the pressure headaches I would have my vision “shade”. These always went hand in hand. The headaches would start at the base of my head and envelop my entire head. I would guess they lasted about 2-3 minutes, if that. As fast as they would come on, they would then stop. On 2 different occasions, I am thinking in April, my left leg went out on me. One time I was at Vons and had to hold onto the bread display for it to pass, and they other time I was at the gas station. I am thankful that since that last episode with my leg, I haven’t had another one since that.

Also, on top of all this, while I’m still thinking they are TIA’s, my left eye was twitching CONSTANTLY. Would not stop. The top part of my eyelid. You could see if move if I pointed it out to you. So, while this is going on I also have been seeing a chiropractor who does muscle testing. I asked him about 6 weeks or so ago, I’m guessing, if we could test my adrenal glands. I have been thinking about mine for quite a while and have been wondering how one checks that. Is it through a blood test, etc. etc. So, the Doctor did his testing and he said, “Heather, you’re quite prophetic.” In fact I did have low (or something) adrenals. We started me on a supplement based on treating and healing adrenals, and since I’ve begun to take those supplements MY EYE HAS STOPPED TWITCHING! There have been 2 times in the last few weeks where it has MILDLY twitched, but the lower part of my eye – no longer the top eyelid.

Here we have it. Going to bed now, 8 a.m. is going to come quite quickly.


One thought on “What lead me here

  1. eather, I am in shock – definitely you will be in my prayers – has anyone put your name in the Temple? God bless and protect you.

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