Craniotomy for resection of tumor

There it is folks. Heard the good possibilities and the bad possibilities. We (Mom and I) were told I basically had 3 options.

1). Do nothing.

2). Put a shunt in to divert the water on my brain.

3). Surgery

So, we are going for Option #3. I am going to be admitted next Tuesday early sometime. Not sure why so early b/c all I’ll be doing is stewing. But, maybe I will be feeling all the wonderful prayers coming my way, too. I am so grateful for all of you, friends and family.

In the room, talking with the doctor, I was sitting with Mom on my left side. And, there was an empty chair and I invited my Dad to sit with me on the other side. I was trying to hard to stay checked in and present in the moment. Overall, I did OK I think (Mom might say otherwise, haha).

There are no words to describe this. None at all. I could try to remember all the things the surgeon told us, but basically he told us the good outcomes and the bad outcomes. Which, is all he can do. I don’t know much of anything else. I am just trying to stay faithful, reminding myself (thanks for the reminder from a wise cousin of mine) that fear is not absence of faith. I know this is going to be hard. Hard unlike any of the neck surgeries I’ve had, hard unlike the head on car accident I was in. Hard. What a funny word. Hard, trial, scary, unbelievable…fill in the blank.


15 thoughts on “Craniotomy for resection of tumor

  1. Heather, get a bishops and a fathers blessing… and the missionaries add a special touch too…and you have all our prayers with you, know God will heal you. Anything we can do… name it, Where are you having it done?

    • Well, I can tell you all about it NOW! πŸ™‚ HAH, now that I know what it’s called and that there’s another one, and that I’ve had more brain scans, etc. etc. It was 5 cm. and the 2nd one is 2cm. Praying my guts out the 2nd one stays stable and at last appointment with neurosurgeon the larger one was stable as well! YAYAYYAYAAAAAAAAY! ❀

  2. There is a lot of hope! You will be great Heather! I will continue to pray for you. It’s okay to be afraid- remember what a strong, caring person you are. Imagin the light your are filled with flowing through your body and healing! You rock!

  3. Best of luck with the surgery. I will be sending the ultimate good ju-ju your way!! We live in amazing times as far is medicine is concerned, and you will be in good hands (the doctors’ AND the Lord’s) Love you girl. Disneyland to celebrate when you are fully recovered! ❀

  4. Heather, long distance hugs to you. There are so many people that care about you and that are praying for you. Heck, we are praying for you all the way over here in Texas! πŸ™‚ And we will continue to do so!

  5. HEATHER! I just found out. (((((Hugs)))) our lord and savior is a healer and he loves you. You are not alone and he is always with you loving you, holding your hand. Cling to him in your time of fear and uncertenty about the future. Keep your faith and remember that God is in control not the doctors, so listen to them but put your faith in the lord. Keep looking for the good in this, there is always good. Praying for you.

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