Before I got the call from the surgeon, I was able to go watch the boys at their swim lessons. It was so much fun! I guess Nephew #2 used to have a rough go with putting his head under water…but now he’s a swimming machine! Just to hear Nephew #1 say, “Auntie!” when we got there…gave me so much strength. The Lord has blessed with me with an amazing family, most specifically these nephews of mine. Next up are my fabulous friends who pray a lot. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. I understand what you mean when you say you just sit down and type. This is like a journal/diary. Don’t change a thing…unless you already have in the future.

    • I think things have changed on my blog as a natural course of events. Not really a conscious thing on my part. As I’m getting into blogging more, reading more and seeing formats, themes, etc. I’m finding I’d like mine to move in a different direction, if that makes any sense at all. 🙂

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