Envision success

I posted this as my status update today on Facebook.  I am envisioning success.  I am going to put little post-it notes up all over the house now.  Envision success.  As I know you are all doing along with me and my family.  Thank you doesn’t even seem to cover how grateful I am for all my blessings.  Today, while at the hospital, I envisioned my Dad there with me during one of the tests.  I called out to him.  I kept calling, to make sure he knew.  But, I do know that he was by my side the entire time.  I cannot forget that I am not alone during this.  Saying the word “Brain Tumor” doesn’t even seem real.  How does that happen?  It makes me sick thinking about it sometimes, but this is the new road for me.  Crazy.  Unreal.  But, this is what it is.


2 thoughts on “Envision success

  1. Heather I heard about this “adventure” you’re facing (doesn’t adventure sound more positive then trial or adversity?) anyways I want you to know you’ve been in my prayers ever since I heard the news. As I go through my day I think of you and say another prayer and think happy happy thoughts for you! I think envisioning is a super idea and I totally believe you are surrounded by loved ones including your dad. I think if we could see through the veil we would see we are never alone! I think it’s a womanly thing but I keep thinking I wish I could do something for you! I don’t really know you but I would be happy to help you or your mom with anything. I of course will continue to pray and think happy thoughts for you. I am glad you are keeping this blog because I think that as you look back you will see so many miracles and the hand of God blessing you over and over again! Be strong and remember you can do hard things because you’re not alone!

  2. Heather.. dont forget your mascara and lipstick, you’re going to want to look pretty when you come out of this and the friends and doctors and well yes pesky nurses come to keep you from sleeping 24/7. It might be interesting to get a tattoo of a zipper on the side of your head.. *lol* whatever, girl I love ya, rooting for you and this will all seem like a headache by Wednesday. Prayers and love coming your way, and Im certain your Dad has all of heaven surrounding you too… You are stronger than you will ever know!

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