I don’t really know what that means anymore. Nothing is the same, nothing matters, and yet everything matters. The Disney Dooney bag I’ve been wanting FOR EVER doesn’t matter. The shoes I wear or the clothes I wear to work. NONE OF THAT MATTERS. What matters is that I get through this, and I will. I will walk through this with faith and my family and friends will be behind me. The fear comes and goes, and yet the peace comes and goes too. I am trying to live where my feet are right now and NOT live in Tuesday morning. That is quite a struggle. But, what other choice do I have? Went to breakfast this a.m. with Mom and S to the Beach Cafe. That was nice. I found myself looking at all the people in the restaurant thinking, “Do they have a tumor in their head and they don’t know about it either?” And, “Wow, their life is so easy, do they have any idea how lucky they are?”

I am home for a bit this morning trying to get some stuff done, but I feel like I’m walking in circles. I’m getting my hair cut and it doesn’t have to be shaved in its entirety, at least right now. But, I am getting it cut. The incision will be at the bottom of my head by my neck. And then I am getting a massage.

Please pray for my doctor as well, Dr. K.

I want to respond to all of you on Facebook and here, just know that I am not able to at this time but that I am so filled with awe and gratitude for your support and prayers and outpouring of health and love and good wishes towards me.


2 thoughts on “Normalcy?

  1. I’ve been reading your blog at least daily now for the past few days. I love the example you are giving of reaching out to allow the love of your many friends to surround you. I pray for you often throughout the day. I will include Dr. K in these prayers as well.

  2. We are including you in our prayers Heather! May you continue to feel the Savior’s peace in your life.

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