“Fear get behind me”

I keep telling it to, but it’s not listening very well. FHE was so wonderful last night, I received a Priesthood blessing with my extended family (my friends) around. People must endure hard things all the time, and I can’t forget that I am not alone. I was struggling a bit last night with the “Why me?” but I know as quickly as those thoughts come I need to push them away. Packing the car now. Be in touch soon. Thank you for the strong prayers and of faith..it is what is helping me and my family push forward in faith. Yesterday I spent some wonderful time with the boys here watching “Monster House”. I think they know something is going on, and with their strength too this too shall pass. This too shall pass. My family and friends are amazing.


2 thoughts on ““Fear get behind me”

  1. still praying for you and yes like Bree anxiously waiting to hear any news on your surgery, hopefully soon.

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