The Second Day

First thing Thursday morning they had Heather off to MRI for a picture so Dr K could see what he had done all day on Wednesday! Evidently the tumor tissue is very hard to tell from the good tissue around it so he wasn’t sure how much he got, but had gone as far as he thought he should. When he came by yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, I was able to see the MRI with him but it was clear as mud to me! Now it’s a wait and see game – waiting for the full pathology report in a week or so. He is still convinced it is benign, but there are two kinds of benign, he said, one that is totally benign and one that is benign with the chance of becoming malignant, both have some technical names I can’t remember. He was hoping the nurses could get her up in a chair yesterday afternoon, but that didn’t happen, just getting her down to the MRI was a two-hour ordeal that really wiped her out. And he’s hoping to get her to a regular room sometime today and walking around in the hall by this afternoon and going home on Saturday! She couldn’t even turn or lift her head last night, so hope this can all still happen as he envisions. They have kept a close watch on her blood pressure all day, as it has spiked then going back down, and having some pressure in her chest, so last night they did an EKG for the Dr to look at this morning. Thank you all for wanting to come to visit her, but she’s just not up for that yet. She asked me to send her love and thanks to all of you that have called, texted, emailed, or just sent up good wishes for her. They are all appreciated more than you know. Part of the reason the Dr wants her up walking is to be able to see how her balance is going to be after this. That is one thing this area of the brain controls. That is only one of many reasons he did not want to “dig around” in there any more than he had to get Chuck out. I will update more later today via texting after I get up to the hospital to check things out. Our love and thanks to all…………….more later


4 thoughts on “The Second Day

  1. Hi Heather and Dr. Mom:

    Heard from Megan of what you have been going through. You both are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. Having had a child with medial problems, i empathize with all of the stress and fears you have been experiencing.
    I was delighted to here that ‘chuck’ is benign! But understand until you get the offical path report, you will not be able to fully breath easliy.
    You are doing such a great job!

    Love and prayers to you both,
    Aunt Sandy

    • Hi Sandra, thanks so much for the note. Yes, Dr K has made it quite clear that until the full path report is back that he’s not giving us a total green light! There’s always that little bit of the unknown hanging around! I remember those long and trying months for you – the miracle of modern medicine! I can’t believe that 5 days ago Heather was having her brain operated on and now she’s home! Amazing! Thanks for your love and prayers. Will add to the blog when I can find how to get back to my draft I started a little while ago! Bye for now,

  2. I am so glad she is home and some sort of normal routine can begin!

    i will be out of town for the next week. but will get back with you after my return.

    Love, Sandra

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