Day Four

Hi, it’s Mom again, in for Heather. I’ve been trying to document each days’ activity so Heather can read it when she’s ready, but having a little trouble logging into this each day. Been a little busy! She’s doing great, but a lot of things she can’t do for herself yet. The most difficult thing for her is getting her head in a comfortable place so she can get some good rest. She can’t turn her neck too far to either side yet, so that makes it hard to lay in the lazyboy without her head being flat against the chair and that hurts the incision area. We’ve tried several different (several meaning a lot!) pillows and pillow arrangements trying to get her comfortable. Anyway, I got ahead of myself, actually on the fourth day she’s not home from the hospital yet. Still at the hospital (definitely not a 5-star hotel!)in a regular room. Dr K comes by to check on Heather, not much new, still wants her to go home today, which is fine by us! However, the wheels grind very, very slowly. Finally, sometime around 5:15 pm they start getting discharge papers and prescriptions written. I find out that our Pharmacy closes at 6:00pm, as do all other pharmacies, but they are unable, or unwilling, to either call the prescriptions in or write them quickly so Brandon can come get them and get them to CVS before 6:00pm. The only other option is to find a pharmacy open 24/7, one in the city next door! That means I have to either take Heather with me to wait in the car while they fill the prescriptions, or take her home, give the scripts to Brandon to take back to Ventura and wait for them to be filled. The discharging doctor could care less which way we do it, or if we do anything at all! We choose to take her home, have Brandon go back and wait for them to be filled. Then we have a problem but I won’t go into that now – we’re moving onward and upward! She’s home, we get meds, get her settled in and spend a peaceful but not too restful evening and night at home – so much better than in the hospital though!


One thought on “Day Four

  1. praying for you every morning and evening Heather. You are a very strong person and I know that you can overcome this. Much love, Susie and Little Katie (who I can’t wait for you to meet)

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