Day Eight – 1st Surgery

Day eight started out to be the best day since surgery on July 27, but quickly turned into a pretty bad day. By noon, CSF was draining from her incision, so I called Dr and they had me bring her right into his office. He looked at it and quickly decided she must go back for surgery so he could open up the incision and the layers inside to determine where it was leaking from. So back to the hospital on Day Eight for surgery at 7:30 am the next day (Thursday, August 4 – Day Nine or Day 1!) This time it was only six hours from start to finish – he found two pin-sized holes in the dura (the membrane covering the brain, hers being very, very thin), and a stitch that looked a little lose. So he repaired the holes, microscopically, redid the stitch, reglued things (special ‘brain’ glue!), did some high-pressure testing, then off to ICU. She was in a lot more pain while waking up and after – he explained why, but I didn’t understand it all. Anyway, once they got her on a scheduled pain management, things improved quickly.

By Friday afternoon she was moved to a regular room, getting in and out of bed by herself, walking to bathroom and down the hall, Saturday was even better – another CT Scan to see if the ventricles had changed in size, longer walks, fewer pain pills. The Dr called later in the day to tell us the ventricles DO look smaller (a very good thing!) and it didn’t look as if any fluid was pooling in the incision area (another good thing!) so he was pleased, so we were pleased! We still have to keep a close eye on the area, but her next appointment with surgeon is not scheduled until August 18 to take the stitches out, so we are hoping not to see him for any reason before that!!!!

Sunday – took several hours after Dr was in to get everything in place for Heather to be released – the wheels are still grinding very slowly! But by 3:00pm we were home and settling in. I had three whole hours this time to get scripts to pharmacy and get them picked up before 6pm, closing time, instead of as last time when they sent us home after 6pm on Saturday when all the pharmacies were closed except for one!

She’s still having trouble getting comfortable at night so she can sleep, but things are going well. Boys came over Sunday afternoon – Heather sat out front and watched them practice batting. Then they came over again today, Monday for awhile. They are the best medicine she could have! Until next time, Mom


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