Today was kinda a big deal!

So today here’s what happened:
1. Stitches out!
2. Walked all the freak around Target.
3. Walked to Bath and Body Works too and Mom got some cool Halloween soaps and other stuff.
4. Went to get pizza and salad but waited in the car while Mom got it. This nappy hair isn’t ready for public yet!
5. Allison brought Mom and I lunch today. Thank you!

And I found out the name of the tumor. I’ll write it later or tomorrow. There’s a syndrome I have and another syndrome I’m at risk of having. My surgeon did say that the size of this tumor was about middle range of what’s he’s operated on before.


7 thoughts on “Today was kinda a big deal!

  1. Wait…you walked around the mall, but wouldn’t go into T’s ? Heather you are too funny. I”m so glad you are on the mends. Maybe sometime next week I can come to visit you.

  2. I am so happy that you are on the mend! I wish you nothing but health and good things! My little family prays for you everyday! I was just looking at our Disneyland pictures… it would be a blast to go again and take the little one with us. Sending love and good thoughts your way!!

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