I’ve been thinking about something the last day or so. Roads. How we think we are on a certain road then it changes. Maybe the direction, or the entire road itself. Several years ago (’06) I was (or wanted to be) on the “Teacher Road”. I went to school, met amazing people who have become friends to this day. That road then changed to “Substitute Teacher Road” – which wasn’t too bad, helped me get lots of practice in a classroom.

Next, my road (or direction) turned to “Facilitator Road” – and I’ve been really missing this road! A lot! I miss my job so much. My colleagues and the participants (!). On 7/18/11 the road I was on made a SHARP turn to “Brain Tumor And All It Includes Road”. Here I am…moving forward. So utterly thankful for: the pain meds, the prayers of my friends and family (near and far) – and even strangers (people at the church my Mom attends with her boyfriend in New Mexico!) – my doctors, my healing, my faith that I am learning to strengthen (if that makes any sense).

So right now, the boys just got here so I will venture out to the backyard with them and Grandma – she prefers “Gramma” but I just can’t write it that way 🙂 –

Love you all so very much!


3 thoughts on “Roads

  1. Heather…you amaze me! I am thankful that you are doing this blog…I think of you a lot and continually praying. These are great to read and to hear (read) about your progress. Love you!!!

  2. When I go through tough times, I often relate to songs. These lyrics made me think of you today:

    “Troubles, they may come and go
    But good times – they’re the gold.
    And if this road gets rocky, girl
    Just steady as we go.” – Steady As We Go (Dave Matthews Band)

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