3 Weeks

Today is 3 weeks since the 2nd surgery. I put on Facebook today that I was so thankful that it was 3 weeks ago and that I was also thankful that I cannot really remember 3 and 4 weeks ago (the pain, etc.) – that is a huge blessing. I’m so aware of the blessings around me – from near and far. I have a friend who has a blog and I love reading it (can I call her out on here?) and she writes so well. I wish I could write like her but my posts aren’t really like that. Mine are free writes and that’s just how they are. I am OK with that. I with I knew Word Press better and maybe down the road I’ll read more about it to make more changes to the blog, but I just need to use it right now for the purpose I began it with ~ to get my feelings and thoughts out.

Went to the doctor this morning (my Primary) and just had a follow-up appt. It went well. I had to tell him that I was afraid I was in love with the Norco. Scary time in love with the Norco. But I had told Mom my feelings about it and I knew I had to tell him about it too. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a narcotic (?) – not sure and I just asked Mom and she wasn’t sure either. (Is Vicodin a narcotic?) With all that being said – we made a plan with my doctor to slowly start weaning me off the Norco and I feel good about that. After the doc we came home, but then went to the bank and took care of some stuff while Mom went to the Pharmacy. Walking is getting easier. Yay.

Had some visitors today. MC and NH. They said they were going to bring me ice cream yet they came empty-handed. Not sure what happened with that. 🙂 haha, just kidding. That was a nice visit. MD and AM came last week and KT came last night plus with (Squishy) a few nights ago. Visitors rule.

Another thing that rules: No headaches and ice packs.

Also: Family rules.

And my Mom rules. I wish I could repay her in some way…but I must wait and be more patient while I wait on my healing then I can do something for her. If anyone has some ideas (she used to read/update the blog but I don’t think she does much anymore so we are probably safe) – please let me know. Or maybe email them to me. 🙂 Or if anyone wants to call my Mom or something (hint hint, haha) that’d be cool too. Oh how funny, just as soon as I typed “too” her phone went off with a text message. 🙂


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