OK, so if I didn’t think I was emotional before I took a turn on this road…I sure am now.  🙂  I just went into the “Candy Room” (that’s what we call my Mom’s craft room, which my Dad used to call the crap room because it’s just filled with puzzles and well…my mom’s stuff.  But, to her credit she has been cleaning it the last several days and a few days ago when the kids were here Nephew #1 said, “Hey, you got new carpet!” – which was kind of hilarious if you ask me) – and went up to Mom and was on the verge of tears.  She asked what was wrong and I said it was happy tears.  Tears of happiness that I can walk and move and clean and scratch her back (my nails are like claws, haha) and sit down and eat and pet Kona and Tigger and on and on and on…when I think of the alternative it makes me sick to my stomach.

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness and cannot believe what I have been through since 7/18/11.  Sometimes, and I may have written about this before, I forget about the surgeries.  I forget about the incision and the doctors appointments and the oncologist and the things coming up before me.  But then in about 10 seconds maybe, it all comes rushing back.  Like a flood.  I think that the “forgetting” I am experiencing are more blessings from Heavenly Father.  Really.

I have some appointments coming up that will be difficult and while I won’t detail them on here right now, maybe I will afterwards.  Right now, it’s back to cleaning and getting ready for said appointment.


2 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. hope all goes well at the doc. i’m glad you are recuperating too! recovering emotionally might take a little longer. but you’re doing great! xoxo

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