Today is rough. Yes, I need to get over myself and turn on the news and check in with current events obviously. It’s not all about me-this I know. But today is hard. I’m tired of being scared. I lightly bonked my head last night at the kids house as I was covering them up. That sent me in a tailspin. Mom got part (note: gross part here) of the scab off [it’s been over 5 weeks so great news here! And she said it was hanging on to my hair or something] and that sent me back to 6 weeks ago.

I’m just done. I’m done with fear. This is b.s. I have my job and my life and family and nephews and MY FUTURE! This is crap this fear! I’m over it. My life is before me. I can and will do this.

I used to say, “I had my neck cut open twice – I can do anything!” well…now we can change that to – you know….!

I am strong and faithful!

I started this down…but now I’m UP!


2 thoughts on “Down~UP!

  1. You rock! Heather!!! hang in there. One of these days your experience will be of great benefit and service to someone else

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