I received great news from the mammogram center! I am so very happy about this! That is one of many positive things to focus on this afternoon.

Earlier today, I was watching “Friends” and massaging my head. My head is so utterly itchy (all over) that sometimes it drives me crazy. Itchy where the hair is growing in where they shaved it, and then not as much itchy as more numb on top of my head (near the incision). One of my doctors told me to massage near the incision which was what I was doing earlier. But, on the left side of my head I have about 3 little scabs. I don’t really want to know what was there during the surgery – I am just thankful whatever was there is NO longer there. I could tell these scabs are healing nicely (yay!) and one was close to coming off. As I was watching Joey talk about his MAC and C.H.E.E.S.E. TV show I was able to pull out one of the small scabs. And what came with it? A good amount of my hair connected ALL THE WAY FROM MY SCALP. I don’t mean to sound vain about my hair at all. It just made me sick to my stomach seeing that much of my hair in my hand.

OK. So moving on.

Today includes trying to balance my checkbook – no luck.

Taking the Get Well cards and doing something with them (putting them on my bedroom door or something like that) –

and then maybe going for a walk later!


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