Driving home from dinner I realized that as I continue to heal and get better I really need to look more into support groups.  What I need to work on processing for me is WHERE this tumor was located – wasn’t in my toe or elbow.  Wasn’t in my knee or finger.  It was in my brain.  The seriousness of that is what floors me.  As my friend told me, “Hey, it’s all in the past.  That’s done” and while that makes such good plain SENSE…it’s still a tough pill for me to swallow.

I am working on it.  I am trying.  Each morning I get up and I live my life and I do stuff.  I go to dinner with friends and I clean my room.  I am active in my life and I am so utterly thankful for it.  But, it will take time for me to continue to heal and grow.  I will.  I will continue to get better as prayers continue and as life goes on.  But I need to get some help.  I will look for it and take advantage of it with a thankful and grateful heart.


One thought on “Support

  1. you DEFINITELY need time to heal from this – not just the surgery itself, but the emotional toll it takes knowing that you had such a serious condition. i know i still sometimes can’t process what stevie had to go through. some days are harder than others. but you’ll get there. just allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel. that’s why its a “process”. you’re supposed to go through a range of emotions. we are only human after all. love ya and miss you!!

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