Update from one doctor

I went to the oncologist yesterday and the neurologist today.  I’ll update about the neurologist first.  I really like him a lot-he’s very funny.  Nice doctors really make a world of difference and I’m very lucky on that account.  I’ve had grumpy doctors in the past and I’ve always wanted to ask them, “So – tell me.  Why did you go to medical school anyway?  You kind of suck at being kind and empathetic to someone who is scared out of their mind.”  But, again I am lucky that my doctors are very nice and personable.

Dr. N (I’ll call him that here for writing sake) wants me to stay on this current dose of both meds for at least 6 months to a year.  Yikes.  Here I was with my list of questions for him wondering when I could starting weaning off my dose.  I guess that is out of the question for now.  OK.  So, I then had to contact the hospital because I’m having a bit of trouble financially each month paying for them so there is some assistance program that I can apply for.  Hopefully that will work out and take the edge out until I can go back to work.  I’m so thankful to have had no migraines since being on this dose of meds.

I asked him about my speech as sometimes I *feel* (maybe I do, maybe I don’t) that I have trouble getting the thoughts from my brain to come out of my mouth correctly.  He said that could be from the meds or the surgery.  He also said I need to give myself at least a good 6 months from the surgery too to have things calm down.  Good thought as I never really thought about it like that.  I’m feeling good – moving my head from side to side and back and forth but I forget sometimes to do that. I need to do that more and more.

The oncologist appointment and update will have to be in another post.


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