I meant to update today on the oncologist appointment but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I know that sounds very dramatic, but I just have lots to do today and I know that it will bring up a lot of emotions that have controlled pretty well this afternoon.  🙂  So, we will leave well enough alone and maybe I’ll attempt the post tomorrow morning.

Spent a great evening with a friend yesterday for dinner (but we split a salad and sweet potato fries) and then for lunch yesterday Mom and I had Thai for lunch with 2 other good friends who are going to HAWAII in a few weeks.  Now I won’t say they are bragging or anything (BRAGGERS!  If you know them – ask them how many times they have been to HAWAII!) but – if the shoe fits….  (Now, I don’t know if they read my blog but I am TOTALLY joking.  They were not bragging at all.  But just for the record at the table of 4, I was the only one who hadn’t been to Hawaii.  Even Mom has been to Hawaii.  Just sayin.)  I love Thai food, but I guess I should say that I love curry because that’s the only thing I eat when I go.  Mom eats Pad Thai and never changes and I never change from curry.  Except that sometimes I get yellow curry and sometimes I get shrimp instead of beef.  🙂

I am going to be great.  My friend said last night that Dr. Oz said it’s never too late to make changes.  Now, we’ll probably never know what cause(s) or cause(d) the brain tumor(s) and I can speculate if it was Diet Coke, or over consumption of sugar or x or y or z…what I can focus on now is that I KNOW of this syndrome or disease that I have.  I have the awareness now that my body has some serious issues and I must keep up a CONSTANT AWARENESS of what I put in my body.  Including liquids and things of that nature.  So, I will be mindful of the food choices I make starting…well, about 6 weeks ago since today is 7 weeks since the 2nd surgery.  I sure remember waking up from the anesthesia as if it were 5 minutes ago.  GAH.  My heart hurts remembering it and I am so filled with gratitutde that I am home with my family and my cats and my routine around me.  It’s hard to be thankful when you are petrified but then when times passses your heart can be filled with the realization of time passing and the healing hands of the Lord.

I have a house full of post it notes, I think I have written about this before, and I am just so drawn to positive quotes because I just want to be filled with positivity (is that a word?) since this is a bumpy, scary, road.  But lots of people are on bumpy and scary roads and are succesful and happy and joyous and I am going to be too.  I am living my life full of faith and happiness and wonderous excitement of my future and all it holds for me.  But here’s the quote today that I really liked:

“To change your life: Start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions.”  — William Jones

Very cool quote.  It’s going on my door in my room or in the bathroom or kitchen.


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