Continued research

“I live in faith not fear.”

If I had even a nickel for every time I said that throughout the day I’d be a billionaire.  I am sitting at the computer looking at all these pictures of me with the kids and I wonder, “How big was the tumor then?  Did I even have it then?  What did I do recently to cause it to manifest now?”  I know those thoughts are rather pointless but they still remain.  The road you tink you are on can be changed quite quickly before you know it.  The point, rather the important point, is what do you do once you find yourself on the NEW road.

This thing is so weird.  So very weird.  I have done some research on the computer with the terms “green tea, gene expression, and Cowden Syndrome” seeing what I can find.  Nothing much, unfortunately.  I found this article talking about green tea and gene expression with metabolism and high blood pressure, I think.  And that made me think about Cowden Syndrome.  Granted, we don’t know if I have this syndrome yet or not and while wondering about it causes the fear to creep (rather – SNOWBALL) into my mind – it’s still good to do as much reasearch as I can to try to learn.  It’s confusing though.  And, when the fear snowballs in…that is the time I strengthen my faith muscle and do all I know to remain in faith and not fear.

I’m finding good articles on the health benefits of green tea so that is great reading.  Breast cancer and fish oil possible benefits, etc.  So much to read.  So much to process.  So much information.  I think now about foods I eat, drinks I drink, stuff like that.  The people I associate with, the thoughts I keep in my mind (faith), stuff like that.  (haha, I just wrote that).  I think it’s better that I write on my blog in the mornings or afternoons, not at 8:15 at night because I really have trouble getting my thoughts out.  🙂

Today was really good – went to watch the kids play soccer and met a friend (SSJ) for lunch.  Feeling stronger every single day.


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