One of the first things I must do is accept the definition of genetics:

The scientific study of the principles of heredity and the variation of inherited traits among related organisms (copied from

Once I come to terms with that, things are going to run much more smoothly for me.  I found a small online support group for CS (which is now how I will refer to it as it’s just simpler to do so) and it seems this syndrome runs differently in every person (which makes sense, I guess).  I feel in my heart and soul I will best manage this through my diet (eliminating many things) and continuing my exercising.  I can’t change that I inherited this syndrome and most likely from most likely (Mom and I are theorizing) I inherited it from my Dad.  Can’t change genes.  All I can change or manage is my thinking about this.  What brought this post on was a phone call from the oncologist’s office today.  I see her next Tuesday and they want me in early for some sort of “genetic testing”.  Whoa.

Later or tomorrow I will update about the visit with the neurosurgeon.  It’s good news.  Good news – but I was thinking that radiation would ultimately help with the 2nd lesion and original one remaining.  Not an option in my case.  So you might think, “How or why is that good news Heather?”

Good (GREAT!) news because the tumor was benign.  My thanks and gratitude to Heavenly Father and to my friends and family who prayed for me and who continue to do so.  I feel a bit heavy-hearted because I thought radiation could be an option down the road – if needed.  It’s only for malignant tumors.


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