I wonder why?

I seem to talk a good game about faith when things are going good. But when things take a turn for the worse, or what it seems to me and I pray it’s not, I seem to forget all I’ve learned?

The 2 great things I fear most right now is having to have a shunt put in and the breast cancer risk. We have dodged the bullet for the shunt right after surgery because the ventricles in my brain went back to their regular job duties and the water can be moved around appropriately. I’m not clear if all of a sudden the water or ventricles can freak out, do something weird, or some such thing. All I know is something has been off the last 2 days.

I am in the bad place because all my symptoms match hydrocephalus (most of them anyway) but I also just started a new herb 2 days ago that in my research…is supposed to help keep the tumors small. I am stopping the herb today and praying my symptoms go away. Plus I see the oncologist tomorrow and will be telling her all this.

All the while I will continuously be praying today to stay in faith. If you pray-will you please say a prayer for me for health and strength to stay close to the Lord? Thank you.


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