Still waiting

We still don’t have the blood work back yet to confirm the PTEN mutation. GAH. This waiting is kind of getting to me. I just want TO KNOW…then we can get on with the program (I’m quoting a friend of mine) 🙂

It won’t change anything – I just need to know something for my peace of mind.

What’s on my mind tonight is something I noticed this afternoon as I was driving to the hospital (thyroid ultrasound). Along the street I noticed the leaves and what gorgeous shades of brown and orange they were! It’s Fall! Had I ever noticed that before? The leaves for heaven’s sake?

How blessed am I? Just was so thankful to have noticed such beauty around me. The Lord is blessing me so abundantly. I can’t remember if before July 18 I would have even thought to look up and around me and notice the Lord’s beauty and grace in my life.


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