Tomorrow morning

Have the appointment in the morning with the oncologist and I imagine now the test results will be in on the PTEN mutation. Let’s hope so because I need to just have this result so I can get on with the program.

I know I’m still me regardless of what happens tomorrow morning and actually this is an amazing blessing to finally KNOW about this syndrome so I can be an informed…well I wanted to write “patient” but I don’t want that word used to define me. What word could I use instead?

Having Cowden’s isn’t a reflection on me and this is my trial. In Sunday School this morning we were talking about trials and here’s mine. This is it. Doesn’t mean it’s the only one either but it’s mine right now and I must embrace it effectively and positively as the Lord will have me.

I’m not going to do it well, not by a long shot. But I will try my best and ask Him for help always. Doesn’t mean I’m not scared though.


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