I am going to try to see a geneticist. Not sure how to go about that so I contacted my primary doctor this afternoon and told her it would  mean a lot to me if I could see one, especially since the oncologist didn’t even go over the genetic results with me. How in the world would I even know what a genetic mutation is? What if I didn’t have a computer? What if I didn’t have neurosurgery 3 1/2 months ago and have some trouble understanding/processing some information sometimes? Wouldn’t it make sense you tell your patient what she has? In terms she can understand? My primary wasn’t even sure how to go about referring me to a geneticist but she said she’d start working on it.

Oh yes. I forgot. You don’t have any patients with Cowden’s Syndrome. So you don’t know much except it puts me at a higher cancer risk. GREAT. I’m getting a pelvic ultrasound next month and a breast MRI also once the authorization comes through. Oh and did I also mention that some women who have CS opt for mastectomies so they don’t have to worry about it? When Dr. L told me that “option” – I looked at her as if she had 5 heads.  “Really lady?” I wanted to scream at her. “I just had my head cut open a few months ago and you tell me my options of THAT?!”

More to come.


One thought on “So…

  1. OH MY GOSH! I read this with eyes gaping at that option too. NOT AN OPTION!! Good luck with the geneticist. Stephen had to see one too when they weren’t sure why he got the heart defect. Wish I could refer you, but he’s just for babies. :/ Too crazy man.

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