Today turned out different than expected

I was supposed to have the breast MRI and pelvic ultrasound but it turned out the imaging center was running late and ha to reschedule me til next Tuesday.  I’m kinda OK with that, I guess.  It would have been a lot to handle in one afternoon.  And, let me tell you.  If you haven’t had a pelvic ultrasound lately – go run right out to the radiology department at your local hospital and get one.


That was one painful thing, let me tell you.

She couldn’t find my ovaries, which was weird and kind of concerns me. They need to be checked/screen for cancer too.  The tech said, “If it makes you feel any better your uterus looks really good.” – and I was like, “Oh great.  That won’t help me now since I can’t have kids.” 😦

When she was searching for my ovaries I said to her, “Are you searching for my spine?” – I mean, really.

She was nice and so apologetic.  She had to get it done.  I get that.  Glad this exam is over.  Continuing the turmeric and curcumin and green tea capsules to keep my anti oxidants up.

Whew.  Now to enjoy the fire and evening with the tree…


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