Mental health day

Literally. I’m going to see a counselor and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve seen one already and it’s been wonderful, but trying to schedule appointments around work has been hard. This new place has evening hours. Very grateful.

When other people stress they manage it in ways that seem foreign to me now. Or rather, other people’s worries seem different or easier. Now I know that’s a stretch, but this is my blog and it’s to help me process and cope.

I miss the days of worrying about what to wear to the church dance, or worrying about how my hair looks. Now…my worries are on such a scale I never imagined. The pain in my pelvis. The pain in my breasts. My lower back. Could that be my pancreas or spleen? The hamartomas can be anywhere.

So. Here’s knowing that tomorrow must be better. I walked tonight which I know helped some. 25 minutes is better than 0 minutes.


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