Testing results this week

Tomorrow and Thursday I see the oncologist and neurosurgeon.  Not much news from the neurosurgeon – he will most likely tell me the plan of where we go forward.  How often/when will do MRI’s to monitor the tumors (Ugh!  I hate saying PLURAL!  More than 1!  REALLY?!) – Every 6 months, yearly, things like that.  Oncologist is another story.  We will have the results from the pelvic ultrasound and breast MRI.  Positive thoughts will just give me peace of mind but whatever is IS. 

The pains I’ve been feeling are just that…PAINS.  And, do they mean something bad?  I DO NOT KNOW.  That bothers me.  Do these pains means I’m almost 40 and my body is getting old?  Or does it mean the shunt is getting close or something is wrong with my breasts or ovaries?  I’ve never felt like more of a complainer than I do now.  😦



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