I wonder if it ever gets easier?  The acceptance or understanding of knowing you have a genetic condition?  It’s weird.  I just got the copies of my records from my neurosurgeon.  Scanning them brought me back to July in an INSTANT.  I can feel all the anxiety flooding back and I’m not there any longer!  It’s January 2012 for Pete’s sake! 

I’m preparing the paperwork for the geneticist appointment and.  It’s just weird.  Things are weird.  I look at pictures from before the end of July last year and I wonder where that girl is.  She was so carefree and didn’t have a thing to worry about.

I need to write more about this because keeping it inside is making me sick.  I found this thing on Facebook called and they are doing a blog hop, or something like that.  I want to participate and I emailed someone…since I have this blog…but of course I never heard back from anyone.  Go figure, right?

Oh well.  Just moving and walking and moving and walking and drinking water and keeping busy.

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