My brain has tingled and it’s driving me nutzo.  But Dr. K says that my brain has no feeling – that he could poke around on my brain and I wouldn’t feel a thing (the image of that makes me throw up in my mouth)…

SO.  What the crap is this?  Something underneath my skull has tingled all over my head since last Tuesday and I wish I knew what it was!  What is causing this!  I do not think it’s “normal healing” – whatever that is!

I even went to the ER on Sunday because this was getting so bad.  I’m not vomiting thank heavens!  My vision isn’t super good, but I haven’t had my eyes checked since last summer so I’m way over due for that.  I had a CT scan (uh, did I already post about this?  Sheesh. I think I did!) and everything is “normal” as per the CT scan, there is no structural damage or interference.  But Dr. I says that my vertebrae is misaligned way up in my neck (too close for comfort for me) near my incision and he wanted to adjust me yesterday.  I just couldn’t do it.  But maybe that would ease this tingling?  Dr. K. is not pro-chiropractic care and as my brother stated, most Western Doctors are NOT.  But, if nothing shows on the CT and if this continues but my symptoms do not call for an MRI (obviously) then what am I supposed to do?


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