A normal person feels like this?

Yesterday and today I noticed a change in me. Not sure what has brought it on. The counselor asked me that today actually and I told her I think the change has been brought on by the continued prayers. Either I’m at a better place to receive them or more of them are coming. I’m not sure. But either way today and yesterday felt different. Better. I’m thankful. Happy. It’s nice to feel kind of normal. I forgot I had brain tumors and they didn’t consume my every breath and waking moment. I ran errands, I walked at the park, I called a friend, went to an appointment, and felt like I had part of my life back. The life I had before July 18, 2011.

I know tomorrow might feel different but I’m grateful for this awareness of gratitude today.

If you have prayed for me, thank you doesn’t begin to cover it. Thank you.


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