Walking walking walking and some other stuff

I took my incredible nephews to the store this afternoon, with the agreement that we’d go to the dollar store as well.  We chose to walk (rather I did) since gas is $21 dollars a gallon!  (I might be being irresponsible by writing that but everyone knows the deal.  So, yeah.)

It was a great afternoon spent with them.  Hearing “Auntie” just makes my heart melt and can heal any hurt or ache I’m experiencing.  N said to me when we were almost home, “My legs are about to stop.”  🙂

I heard from the oncologist’s office yesterday.  Dr. L wants to have a 15 minute phone appointment with me next week regarding the PTEN report I dropped off to her last week (with the 85% breast cancer number info)...she’s gone all this week (of course!) so I’m not anywhere closer to getting any testing started.

On a positive note, I haven’t had “Worry Time” in about a week!  I think that means something good!


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