It bothers me that when my jaw (TMJ?) or my shoulder blade hurts I automatically GO TO “Z” and think I’m having a heart attack or something like that. I just saw on Yahoo (stupid Yahoo) that those are symptoms of a heart attack and that they are more common on women. But if I didn’t have 2 damn brain tumors I really wouldn’t go to “Z” every time something in my body hurts or doesn’t feel right. I just am over-sensitive now because I don’t want to miss anything. Part of me feels that I ignored things for SO long last summer (and before) that if I had just paid attention the doctors could have caught the tumor when it was smaller. So, instead of sitting here stewing about it I’m going to go for another walk. I already walked for 20 minutes about an hour ago, so with where my brain is going right now it’s obviously time for another walk.


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