Lemonade anyone?

OK.  In the last 2 days I have:

Resigned from my job.

Had a pelvic ultrasound (2nd one).

Found out there is a suspicious “something” in my uterus (and the important thing to state is that from Dr. L it doesn’t look like or walk or talk like endometrial cancer, or some other type of cancer…so this is a HUGE good thing.)  But, it looks odd and it “shouldn’t” be there, I guess.

And tomorrow morning I see a surgical oncologist for a consult for the prophylactic mastectomy.  I was shocked that Dr. L could get me in so soon.  She said she needed to find out this doctor’s comfort level (?) because I made it very clear to Dr. L that I only want ONE. SURGERY.  Meaning Plastic Surgeon would be there too and implants or something would be done during the same procedure.

However – if my uterus is crabby…then that might throw a wrench into things.  But, I told Dr. L that I’m not sure when I’m thinking about this or even have put a timeline on this.  End of the year?  I don’t know.  Next year?  43?  45?  Mom said she was 42 when she had her hysterectomy which only puts me 2 years behind.  And, since Cowden’s is hereditary AND I’m 40 I can’t risk even a 1% chance of passing this along to my child even if I COULD have my own biological child.

And then a friend of mine – who I thought was really a friend and in for the long haul has shifted into a version of himself that bewilders me and I feel saddened and used and duped.

Who can teach me how to make some fantastic lemonade?


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