Today was a green day

I decided that even though I have no money and no job – I’m going to start doing a fun/treat thing for me once a month or so.  I can’t begin to recall how long ago I got a manicure or even had my nails painted.  This was huge!  And…for those of you who know me – my nails are GREEN!  🙂

Unfortunately the girl at the mall wasn’t good and wasn’t caring about a tip, she only seemed to want to get finished as quickly as possible.  If she’d only known to have taken like 4 minutes longer on the hand massage or even just SLOWED THE HECK DOWN with the manicure she would have gotten a tip.  But no dice was it was.  Anyway, more normalness is coming to my life…I like it.  (Big breakthrough in counseling today – catastrophes and how they play into my life and how…ESPECIALLY SINCE LAST JULY I turn most everything into a catastrophe.  But here’s the kicker and the fact that both my therapist and I see this…I SEE that I have this behavior…and I want to stop.) Hence – therapy is a good thing!


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