Scare # I don’t even know

I just got home from the dermatologist. I had a mole removed. I’m not going to go into a lot of the details but just that melanoma is now on the “new” risks for Cowden’s. I have had this one for AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER in this area. Just about a month ago maybe it caught my eye…as it seemed to have changed shape/more atypical in size..a little “Florida” type bump to it. Had my entire body scan/check thing today and Dr. L wasn’t really comfortable with it in seeing it and when I told him that it caught my eye about a month ago and that I THOUGHT It changed shape (but that everything now catches my eye and I’m on heightened alert for EVERYTHING….) he said that we should just take it off. So we did.  I’m going to tag this with positivity because I need to be positive.  UGH.

And now we wait.


One thought on “Scare # I don’t even know

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