So as I was saying….Missed call

I’m tired, cranky, sick, stressed out.

I missed a call from the Dermatology office today.  I’m moderately concerned about this.  Months ago, after the surgery, I had an issue that I had to get removed and the office sent me a card by mail stating my results were normal.  Today, I was called.  And, I wasn’t home to get the call.  Apparently, I need to give them my cell number.

I go back and forth about who has my cell.  I don’t like everyone and their dog to have it.  Because then there’s more chance that telemarketers and spammers will get it and then you know the rest of the story.

Nervous? Yes.

Irritated? Yes.

Do I know that there’s NO diff between me talking with the office today at 2:30 and tomorrow at 8 a.m.?  YES.

Do I hope I can sleep tonight and not worry?  Yes.

Can I think about anything else besides what the outcome might be?  NO.

Do I realize there’s a chance the office changed their protocol and they call ALL patients now to tell them results by telephone positive and negative?  YES.

I’m hoping this is it here for me.

What happens tho if it’s not?  And the doctor didn’t get clean margins when he removed it during the biopsy?  Does the size of the mole in melanoma matter?  This was tiny…the size of an eraser head!




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