This is a short post because I have 4 loads of laundry to finish up before I hit the sack. I went to see a live play yesterday and it was really enjoyable. I bet Nephews would love it. Just right up their alley I think and I don’t think they’d think it “too girly”…hehe. But this run was ending so we’re out of luck. But I’ll be checking out what’s coming up next.

I’ve been connecting with many people on Twitter who are brain tumor survivors. It’s really neat and has been very healing, especially since my “real life” friends aren’t the same anymore. The Twitter connections have been giving me such good perspective since their craniotomies and I’ve been pondering about their words and what they have learned and what God has given them since their surgeries. Last Thursday was 9 months since my 2nd surgery – I’m not the same. I’m never going to be the same, and yet my circle of friends still are. They still have their lives and their worries and their jobs and all that. I have no job (at least not the one I had), and I have worries and fears that I NEVER EVEN IMAGINED. My friends don’t get it. No one has even asked how I’m doing. What’s going on? Granted, I don’t share the 85% breast cancer risk and utter fear that causes me, the appointment with the plastic surgeon in a few weeks, the kidney cancer risk, and all that. Because I KNOW IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT ME. I know that. However, when someone is carrying a HEAVY BURDEN (many of them!) that’s when you need your friends the most.

I didn’t walk today. UGH.

I’m ordering S.hakeology tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to do that for the last 4 days and haven’t made the time to do that yet. DOUBLE UGH.

At least I know that ONE PERSON understands (Heavenly Father) – and those who have had brain surgeries. Aren’t there other people too?


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