Here’s why I get frustrated.  There are so many things I feel I “should” be doing…but sometimes it’s all I can do to get up out of bed.  BUT I DO GET UP OUT OF BED.  That’s huge!

I should be looking for a job for summer.  But it’s all I can do to manage all my doctor appointments.  Plus I am having the kidney ultrasound/screening on Tuesday and I know one of my virtual friends from the online support group has/had kidney cancer and has only one kidney.  That concerns me, greatly.

I’m tired of headaches.  Just plain effing tired of them.  But Mom brought up a good point because we were just outside in the sun and she had one too.  I feel more sensitive to them now and I need to find a hat that will fit my big head.  I never really felt that I had a big head but I guess with Cowden’s you have a big head.  I vaguely remember growing up sort of having issues with hats fitting in softball but nothing out of the ordinary.  I mean I had my hat in games and for pictures it was no big deal.  As an adult it seemed a bit more prevalent but I never gave it much thought.  And then I found out from the geneticist that having a big head is one of the symptoms of CS.  Big freaking whoop.

I was supposed to go to Disneyland today and that fell through.  I got a weird/new/bad/scary headache last night that came with a nice plate of nausea.  And with the heat, upon waking I just felt I needed to stay close to home today.  So, I passed on it.  I’m so sad because I haven’t been since February and that’s just way too long.


One thought on “Headaches

  1. Funny – the kidneys are high on my anxiety list too. Be sure to let me know how that goes. I am looking for my first hats ever too! We should have a photo contest. My daughter has been in adult hats since she was 6. Doesn’t leave me much wiggle room. I never wore one, or sunscreen either for that matter. Thank you CS and melanoma risks breathing down my neck. I am on it too. Not sure what I will find for this big melon. I always knew I had a big head – never cared why because it always got me out of hats. Eff you CS. I will wear my hat too!!

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