Playing catch up

I’ve been so behind in writing! And since I’m on my iPod right now this isn’t going to be the best post but it’ll do for now. So much has gone on this week. I’m such a proponent of writing and posting on my blog. I’m glad I created it last summer.

But I realized as much as I can complain if I need to, this isn’t my purpose. To complain about X or Y or people rather. Or even circumstances. It is what it is.

This blog is a process.

I had a rough start to my week. Very rough. The realization I’m not going to have my own bio children is weighing hard on my heart. I’m welling up with tears now. The one dream I had and that’s not going to happen. For many reasons, in addition to Cowden’s Syndrome my age isn’t playing in my favor.

See here’s where I want to complain about all these KIDS who are fruitcakes & jerks to their children and treat them like literal garbage and the greatest wish of my heart is to be a mother. But I don’t get to call the shots. Did I really think I did before July 18 last year? What the crap was I thinking last year? What did I know?

NOTHING! And I still don’t.

But lest I get all bent out of shape again my week ended very well. Yesterday I spent time with friends…who really care…and we picked fresh blueberries & fed goats. I FED A GOAT.

For those of you who know me…this is huge! It was wonderful and soothing and a mighty blessing.



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