This is the positive post, kinda

Copied from F.acebook just now (Absolutely Positive):

“Telling others what a difficult time you are having, only builds up further negativity in your mind, and will also be reflected back to you physically by people to whom you tell it. Discuss your difficulties only with people you know are a positive influence and remember that your so-called problems in life just a transitional stage leading to greater good!”

I had a very rocky morning at the hospital which will be in another post.  But what this quote is saying to me is that I need to be conscious of whom I share my journey with.  (Ugh, bad sentence.  Never end a sentence with a preposition but I’m too tired to care now to fix it.)  I reached out to a good friend who lives hours away from me – and he listened.  He listened to me cry and let me express my terror and panic.  He didn’t tell me to stop feeling that way or downplay any of my feelings or emotions.  

 My voice has value and he listened to me.  He is a positive influence on me and I pray what I’m going through is a path to greater good.


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