Next on my to-do list

I’m going to put some effort into NOT making this a pity-party blog. SURE…I have brain tumors. SURE…I have a rare genetic condition that affects 1 in a quarter million people.

BUT…I have to reconcile in my mind HOW to document all this stuff w/out the pity-party. I just came across this other blog (I think it’s brain cancer survivors) and that phrase was posted:

This ain’t no pity-party blog…

That struck me. So that’s my new mini goal. Among my 47 other goals (weight loss, find a job, downsize my books, you get the picture)…


2 thoughts on “Next on my to-do list

  1. Sometimes being upbeat and positive helps you and sometimes it only benefits the people around you. Feel what you’re feeling, own it, and you will be surprised how many positive days you have with no effort at all 🙂

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