I would be remiss…

If I didn’t express my thanks to those who offered prayers and good thoughts for me Tuesday for my MRI.

For another post I’ll write about what happened that morning with the machine having to be rebooted, but I noticed after the test finally began (after the delay) it seemed to go much more quickly than I remember than last year. And this MRI had the contrast too!

I remember the technician telling me I was about 1/3 finished, then next thing I remember he was pulling me out of the tube getting my arm for the vein for the contrast. Then I was being pulled out of the tube for the last time & I was done with the MRI!

Prayers. Blessings. Pain eased this time. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “I would be remiss…

    • Hey! Thank you. I’m working off my iPod so reading full blogs (yours) is hard to comment but I have been keeping current. 🙂

      I see my new NS next Friday. I’m still debating if I’ll want to know if there’s been actual growth. I pray none! Talk soon.

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