Support group refresher 102

I don’t want to give this too much energy as to detract from my great day yesterday, but since finding myself on this new road I’ve contacted some amazing people and some less than desirable people. I’m trying to see it from where they are at (ESP since they have my same genetic condition! Aren’t they supposed to get it? Those of us with a rare disease of a PTEN mutation are supposed to stick together? Right?)

Well, no. I missed that memo that all people aren’t good (ha!) and all people with Cowden’s don’t want to look outside the box for health aids and all people with CS sure as heck aren’t nice and respectful. Like the one person from said crappy former support group who sent me a f.acebook message then BLOCKED me from responding.

My first response and thought was, “Wow! Coward! What are they afraid of? If you can’t handle a debate then you have ZERO business writing me.”

But then I thought, “Well. Their load must be extra heavy right now. I’m sure thankful I’m out of that so-called support group and have moved on to finding true support.” Plus I never read said message. I deleted it. 🙂 With that kind of interaction? Nah. I’m over it. Thank you, please drive through.

So now I get to continue forward making contacts with ACTUAL supportive people & it doesn’t matter whether they have Cowden’s or not. What matters is respect and decency.

Unacceptable behavior is NEVER acceptable. End of drama! Moving forward with positivity!


One thought on “Support group refresher 102

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