Dogs, snoring, and MRI’s

I’m updating some links of the CS and LDD stuff while my brother’s dog snores near my feet. It’s very soothing to hear Asia so relaxed. There was another dog that I rescued from our front dog yesterday that just went to Animal Control…but she’s going to a no-kill shelter so that’s a good thing. 🙂 I named her Minnie. Be sure to check out the new links on the pages up top. It’s some crazy stuff this CS and LDD!

I see my new neurosurgeon on Friday. My Mom was asking me yesterday why I wanted the MRI if I didn’t want to KNOW if there’s been any change or tumor growth of the 2 brain tumors. And, I really had to think about that. Because if Dr. H says, “Oh Heather there’s been growth.” That is going to send me into the abyss. I don’t WANT to know if either have grown. I have to struggle every single second of the day to FORGET the tumors are in my cerebellum. I wanted the MRI to rule out (I pray!) or determine there’s not a 3rd one.

That’s the reason why.


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