I can’t think of one this late

But this one topic has been on my mind. I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m not one to be passive about a lot of things, especially now that my life has fundamentally shifted and taken this new turn. I’m looking for health therapies related to my PTEN gene. Vitamins, herbs, etc. There’s no FDA pill for CS so sitting back and waiting to get breast cancer or uterine cancer isn’t an option.

My current regimen consists of curcumin along with some other vitamins but 2 items are on the forefront of my mind right now. B17 and Resveratrol. Last year I read many encouraging things about PTEN & Resveratrol. But then I heard from a contact in one of the support groups that a doctor told him directly it “may/may not” increase breast cancer risk in women.

Ok. This is where I get angry and frustrated and turned around:

1). Will Resveratrol help keep the brain tumors small?

2). Will it help decrease my chances of colon & kidney cancers?

3). I’m planning on the mastectomy in most likely the next 3-5 years or so. So will taking it help me afterwards? Before? Who can tell me? I am NOT pro big pharma. I’d rather stay with things God made and work on getting healthy that way.

I only trust a few select doctors that I KNOW. My doctors. Where is the data stating the breast cancer risk & Resveratrol? So that i can read it for myself?

In this case I sort of miss the one support group I was in. I would love to start discussion threads on this type to see how others felt. To each their own but I am about LIVING! My body needs help and I cannot trust it to do it on its own, you know with brain tumors and all. It needs a continued push in the right direction.


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