I like how my blog has evolved this last year, sort of like how I have. When I began this last July I hardly knew much about posting on blogs, but now I’m learning about pages and tags and even links.

Just like with me this last year: I’m getting a hard lesson or 2 or 3 in breast MRI’s, pelvic ultrasounds, brain MRI’s, craniotomies, and what the eff COWDEN SYNDROME is… things like that.

Evolvement. I probably made up that word. But I like it. 🙂

So today was a non Cowden’s Syndrome day. And tomorrow will be one too. But Monday IS going to be a Cowden’s day because I have a consult with a GI doctor for the biannual colonoscopy I get to have now for the rest of my life.

Thanks Cowden’s. Er I mean NOT thanks.

So I’m going to start building categories over on the side and they will include the above. I think then when I’m having a rough time I can click on the non Cowden’s category to get my batteries recharged.


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