Jobby job

Does anyone have any feelings about Etsy?  Or any other online/part-time/flexible way to earn income?  I’m in awe of the power of the internet and I thought I’d put it out here…:)



5 thoughts on “Jobby job

  1. Doing something you enjoy and making a few bucks at the same time? what’s not to love? Go for it 🙂 I do a lot on ebay and it was a great distraction through my treatments when I didn’t feel up to leaving the house but needed something to occupy myself.

  2. Haven’t sold anything on Etsy or even have the craft skills to make anything to sell. However, I’ve bought a couple of items from the site and both experiences were great.

    • Thanks for the input. 🙂 What did you buy? I’m thinking of selling crocheted potholders or my afghans that I’ve made, but I’m sure that’s been done a million times over. 🙂

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