I have a real post comin!



Last weekend I vacayed (I just made up that word!) at My Happy Place & have edited a few pictures.  First one…have you ever had hot fudge in a cup?  Go to this place.  GO THERE NOW.  I am over the moon for this place.  I’ve never been to the one in San Francisco, but I don’t really care now that I’ve been to this one.  🙂  I went here once on Saturday and once on Sunday.  My rule now is that each time I go I am going to get a different item off the menu.  Think I can do it?

The second photo is my view from the Grand Californian.  This trip was my 2nd time staying here.  No words can really describe.

The bottom picture are some I snapped from the lobby.  I threw them together in this edit from an app on my iPod.  Turned out kind of OK.

But here’s where I hit the ground running and get back to the life of a person with Cowden’s Syndrome. Doctor appointment today. But here’s a few pics for your viewing pleasure. Hah!



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